Anna Kim

Anna grew up in San Diego but now lives near Ocean Beach in San Francisco where she leads operations for a construction robotics start-up. She owns both street and dirt bikes and while she doesn’t play favorites per se, is particularly enthralled by the newest addition to her garage (KTM 350 EXC). She endeavors to live an active life full of outdoor adventures and enjoys snowboarding, SCUBA, kiteboarding, traveling, and cooking for large groups of people. Anna has been a passionate supporter of Rally for Rangers since participating in the 2018 Mongolia Rally. She signed on thinking the Rally would be a fun way to explore an otherwise inaccessible country on two wheels, all while helping support conservationist efforts. And of course it was! What she didn’t expect was the strong sense of connection and community–with other riders, rangers and their families, support staff, and locals–that came out of that experience. She’s excited to continue supporting the organization as a rider in the rallies, but is also looking forward to doing as much as she can to support the Rally for Rangers mission through her work as a member of the Advisory Board.