Ashley Myhre

Ash is a native of Texas but has spent most of her adult life in the Pacific Northwest. Exploring the trails as a kid on her XR70 gave way to adventure riding as an adult where she logged 15,000 miles off road on her first street legal bike. After graduating with a BA in Chemistry and pursuing a career in medicine her love of motorcycles and thirst for international travel was growing and eventually became all consuming. Her first international trip, riding through Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa set her on a path to see the world and meet everyone in it. In 2016 she landed at Mosko Moto and has since become its Brand/Creative Director. Ash became aware of Rally for Rangers first as a gear sponsor supporting the fundraising effort of the organization as well as providing bomber Mosko gear to the park rangers in Mongolia and elsewhere. She’s been so inspired by the work of outfitting park rangers with motorbikes and gear that she stepped up to join the Advisory board and bring her considerable skills to expand the work and reach of the organization.