Badral Yondon, Executive Director

Badral Yondon is the CEO of Mongolia Quest and oversees the company’s operations. His career in tourism began while he was a university student working as a porter at a hotel in Ulaanbaatar during the democratic revolution in 1990. Since then, Badral has emerged as a leader in the tourism industry of Mongolia and is committed to supporting the culture and heritage of his country while also protecting the bio-diversity of its fragile ecosystems. He graduated from the Foreign Language Institute in Ulaanbaatar and the Klessheim Tourism and Hotel Management School in Saltzburg, Austria. As one of the founding members of Mongolia Quest, Badral has explored much of Mongolia’s vast countryside, sharing his knowledge of Mongolia’s unique culture and biodiversity with many hundred visitor over last 25 years. He serves on the board of the Mongol Ecology Center, Mongolian Tourism Association and the Arts Council of Mongolia. Badral speaks fluent Russian and English.