Rob Tate

Rob is originally from Seattle and works for the Department of State as a foreign service officer. He has served in Japan, Romania, Niger, France, New Zealand, and Mongolia, accompanied by his wife and two daughters. When he was younger, he played in Seattle area rock bands and now enjoys playing old folk and jazz on an acoustic guitar.  Rob is proud to support Rally for Rangers because it offers real direct benefits to partners in national parks doing important work conserving natural spaces and wildlife.  He is a proud alumni of the 2019 rally, delivering a new Yamaha AG200 to a park ranger at Khar Us Lake. Rob grew up riding dirt bikes on the family farm and is still better at coming off than going fast. He has found memories of riding through Saharan desert sand in Niger with his two young kids on an old Yamaha DT 125. His last motorcycle was a bright yellow BMW F650GS in New Zealand that his kids mockingly called the rumblebee.