Alexis Machovsky

Alexis grew up in a small town high in the Sierra Nevada of California. She and her sister had to literally walk uphill through the snow both ways to and from school, her sister barely heading their parent’s admonishment to “not lose your little sister in the deep snow.” Her first snowmobile at age 7 was an eye opener to the benefit of motorized transport in wild places. Growing up in the high mountains instilled in her a passion for wild places and as a teenager, her first dirt bike was a natural addition to her life of ski racing, backcountry skiing and climbing.
When Alexis heard the “Rally for Rangers” story, her imagination was captured by the idea of helping the Lake Hosgvol rangers move beyond bringing a proverbial ‘knife to the gunfight’ in their efforts. She looks forward to being part of the Rally team, forming new friendships with folks in Mongolia and enlisting the support of her friends and colleagues in the Lake Tahoe area where she makes her home.
Alexis will be fundraising for a brand new Yamaha AG200 and riding it across Mongolia to deliver to Ranger Miiraa Urt.