Anna Kim - 2018

Anna’s first foray into the two-wheeled world had a less than auspicious start when she whiskey throttled her rental scooter onto a sidewalk during her college fall break in the Bahamas. Nevertheless, she persisted.  Upon moving to San Francisco at the age of 27, she purchased a used motorcycle and for weeks practiced riding around the empty streets at dawn.  Motorcycling quickly became a passion of hers and before she knew it was commuting daily on a motorcycle, spending her weekends riding the back roads of the Bay Area, and boring all her very patient non-rider friends with nonstop chatter about bikes.
Anna works in construction robotics and when she’s not exploring California on her much-loved Street Triple R and trusty WR250R enjoys cooking, SCUBA, snowboarding, camping, traveling, and hosting pig roasts. She also recently launched a wine label called “Countersteer” and is excited to be able to combine her interests in wine and motorcycling (although obviously not at the same time).
Anna knew she wanted to participate in Rally for Rangers the instant she heard about the program through friends.  Her first dual sport adventure, a 2,500-mile trip along the Carretera Austral to Ushuaia, was an unforgettable experience that opened her eyes to the joys of exploring the hidden corners of the earth on two wheels.  Given the positive impact motorcycles have had on her life, she is particularly inspired by the mission of Rally for Rangers —to better the lives of those who are working hard to protect Mongolia’s natural resources—and is honored to have been chosen to take part in this year’s Rally.