Anne Elizabeth (Beth) Williams

Beth grew up in rural, eastern NC, surrounded by tobacco farms, and as a bit of a tomboy, spent much of her childhood exploring the fields, woods and swamps there. She developed a taste for the exotic early on through her culturally inquisitive and open-minded parents. Friends from India introduced her to the rich tastes and textiles of their country and sparked an interest in the way other people live, and a family trip to Italy awakened a curious and adventurous spirit (as well as a life-long love of good coffee.) While studying architecture at NCSU, Beth kept her newly discovered love of motorcycling a secret from her family. She also downplayed the dangerous nature of her other passion, rock-climbing, and embraced the chance to spend weekends camping and climbing in the NC and VA mountains. During a 5 year stint working and living in Sendai, Japan, Beth explored much of SE Asia while traveling solo, seeking out the more remote parts of northern India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Beth returned to motorcycling after a 29 year hiatus and searches out opportunities to improve her skills and build community with like-minded motorcyclists. She continues to explore the world, both near and far, from her perch on her pegs. She is deeply interested in learning about and preserving the natural environment and cultures of our planet.