Jake Szympruch

Jake’s interest in the outdoors began with family camping trips to state parks and has become his life long passion.  As an adult he earned a college degree in environmental studies, working as a whitewater river guide during the summers.  When it was time to get a job which actually paid the bills, he signed on as a ranger to protect the wild places he was enjoying.  He now has 20 years experience working as a ranger.

In his free time, Jake is still a whitewater rafter but in recent years he has developed a passion for adventure motorcycle riding.  It was actually whitewater rafting which led to Jake becoming an adventure rider.  While healing from a river accident, he decided to try a safer recreational activity, motorcycle riding.  A few months after buying his first street bike, he was strapping camping gear on the back to visit national parks but he was left feeling like there was more to see.  Realizing he needed a more adventure oriented machine, he acquired a beat up KLR650 and learned to ride off road.  He still rides the well worn KLR along with a KTM 1190R.  His adventure travels have taken him across the
United States, to the Canadian Arctic, Guatemala, India, Patagonia and most recently, Morocco.

In the spring of 2018, Jake read an article about the Rally for Rangers Foundation.  Knowing first hand the challenges of protecting remote areas and having seen the difficult conditions rangers work in across the world, he committed himself to helping his fellow rangers