Oliver Dunkley - 2021 Mongolia

Motorcycling is in my family, and even though I and my brother was raised without them, we somehow both ended up with motorcycles being a major part of what defines us. My father used to ride dirt bikes (and race) in the army, and I have photos of my grandmother riding in WW2. Since I was 14 I knew the bike I wanted was a R1150GS Adv - big enoguh to travel long distances and adventurous to take me to places I have never heard of. I got my license at the earliest opportunity and have been riding daily since. I study maps during work hours (guilty) of places I wish to explore, spend hours figuring out how to mount my soft luggage, and day dream about seeing what nature, geology/geography, ecosystems/fauna the world has to offer. The motorcycling nature of RfR puts it in its own league of adventure travel.