The Munkh-Khairkhan is the largest mountain range from side ranges of Mongolian Altai. The Munkh-Khairkhan situated in the south part of the Altai, separated from main Mongolian Altai range by the river Bulgan-Gol. Here is the second highest Mongolia’s peak – the Munkh-Khairkhan (4362 m height). Glaciers cover a large area and feeds a lot of rivers of the river Bulgan-Gol basin.

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Jamyangarav is one of five peaks of Munkh-Khairkhan mountain. It exists in the beginning of Huh lake (Хөх нуур), no snow at the top and Yamaat waterfall flows rising from here. Uriankhai people worship this peak, offer milk and insure their life historically.

Shuurhai first ice-hills: It is suitable to travel by horse and hiking in order to see them because of bad road. It is more comfortable to make research and you can see peculiar formation of glaciation period. Turtle rock and bull rock which exist on the tourists way are natural peculiar formation and they are attractive art of people.

Munkh-Khairkhan National Park has been founded in 2006 and our survey concentrated on the protected area as well as comprised the surrounding of the mountains. There are 40 families, 150 genera, and 267 species of vascular plants, including four endemic and 34 sub-endemic species and 15 species’ new distribution notes. Around the Munkh-Khairkhan mountain, 16 very rare (VR), 21 rare (R), eight endangered (EN) and two near threatened (NT) species are growing, indicating the high conservation value of this area and the necessity for research.

On a spiritual prowl for the elusive, endangered snow leopard

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