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Our mission is to protect the world’s special places by empowering rangers around the world with new motorcycles and equipment.
Rally for Rangers is a project of Mongol Ecology Center (MEC), a 501(c)3 non- governmental organization based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Tucson, Arizona.

In 2013, former U.S. National Park Ranger Robert “Mac” McIntosh was volunteering with the Mongol Ecology Center assisting managers at Lake Hovsgol National Park near the Russian border with Mongolia. As they reviewed planning documents with the parks chief ranger Enkhtaivan a call came in – … Read More

Around the world, critically important natural and cultural resources are under constant threat. Wildlife and rare plants are routinely poached. Illegal mining, development, and illicit drug trade devastates landscapes. Cultural antiquities are stolen or damaged … Read More

Your support is critical to preserve the globally significant ecosystem around the world.
Your donation will fund motorcycles and basic field equipment for rangers around the world. Contribute Today!

Meet the Rangers

Rally for Ranger Foundation’s mission is to protect the world’s special places one motorcycle at a time. We raise funds to purchase new motorbikes and gear for rangers— which they then use to patrol National Parks.

Meet the Riders

By the end of 2021 Rally for riders from around the world will have donated more than 130 new motorcycles to scores of parks in Mongolia, Argentina, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Meet the Junior Rangers

Junior Ranger Program works with gateway community schools, through which local youth, aged 9-14, will learn to appreciate and serve their national parks. Through a combination of after-school activities, workshops with national park rangers and summer camp training, children obtain well-rounded environmental education and build essential skills such as nature interpretation that will help them become responsible leaders of their communities.


My name is Tsolmonbayar. I’ve been working as a ranger at Lake Hovsgol National Park since 2014. As soon as I received a motorcycle from the [Rally for Rangers], I realized it was the best vehicle a ranger could ask for. My bike is faster and stronger than any other motorcycles that I know. It makes my job a lot easier and encourages me to do my best. Local people call my bike “the Blue one of the Lake.”
Ranger, Lake Hovsgol National Park
My name is Altangerel. I am a ranger at Otgontenger Strictly Protected Area. It’s very important for conservationists to have proper equipment and safe vehicles to work in harsh environment. The area that I patrol has particularly severe weather conditions and natural barriers. That’s why my new motorcycle is my best companion.
Ranger, Otgontenger Strictly Protected Area.
I`m Boldbaatar. I received a new bike from the Rally for Rangers in 2015. Since then, it’s been much easier to do my job. As of today, I traveled almost 30 thousand kilometers on park patrols. I used to ride a horse or use a private vehicle to go to work. It took most of my time, and I couldn’t do anything else. Now, I can go wherever and whenever I want in such a short time. When I went to Menge bulag of West taiga, I was the first person to reach the area on a motorcycle. Since I received my new bike, I did almost 300 days of wilderness patrol, reached out to over 4,000 local people with park information, prevented over 180 violations and exposed 21 separate illegal actions in the park. I am very thankful to everyone who worked hard to provide us with motorcycles.
Ranger, Ulaan Taiga Protected Areas
My name is Byambaa. I have been a ranger since 1997. The area that I patrol, the Horidol Saridag Strictly Protected Area, is located almost 100 kilometers from the park administration. It used to take a long time for me to report incidents. So, it was a dream come true when I received a new motorcycle from the Rally for Rangers. My new bike helps me to save time and do my job more efficiently. I want to thank everyone who made this Rally happen from the bottom of my heart. May the spirits of the Mother Lake and Horidol Saridag Mountains bless them.
Ranger, Lake Hovsgol National Park
I am Bayarjargal, a chief ranger at Ulaan Taiga Strictly Protected Area. First of all, I want to thank everyone who kindheartedly donated to Rally for Rangers. I work in extreme conditions and patrol very rough terrain, and Yamaha AG 200 is perfect for my job. It’s very reliable, and most of all, it has excellent suspension, so my back doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s the best. I can’t elaborate enough on how much difference it has made and what a significant contribution it is to our park.
Chief ranger, Ulaan Taiga Strictly Protected Area

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