Asher Woolverton - 2022

Asher has always loved two wheels, from the elementary school years when the lot next door was a perfect BMX course to his first ambitious multi-state solo motorcycle tour on a 1990 Honda TransAlp.

He was born in Ghana into a missionary family and every day as a young boy seemed filled with adventure even in the backyard. The early influence of his father and friends with their small displacement motorcycles sowed the seeds in Asher for a later passion for motorcycle travel. Most of his teenage years were spent growing up in Colorado Springs with an ease for math and physics which eventually led to degrees in Engineering Physics and Materials Science degrees from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden. He co-founded his environmental club during high school and continued to volunteer on ecology supporting projects throughout college and after graduate school.

Asher joined Rally for Rangers in 2019 for the group’s first trip to Nepal and found it to be an immediate education in adventure riding given no-rules traffic in Kathmandu and powdery dust in the Mustang region.