Batmend Shiirev (Mend)

I patrol 28,910 hectares (~71,440 acres) around the south side of the Mount Otgontenger. I was born and grew up in the foothills of the Mount Otgontenger. When Otgontenger National Park was first established in 1996, I joined as a ranger and since then, I have been serving the park for 21 consecutive years. My duties as a park ranger include helping provide park services to over 3000 domestic and international visitors each year, ensuring their safety and interpreting Mongolian traditions of environmental stewardship, and preserving the State Worshipped Sacred Mountain of Otgontenger. I have many years of experience in wildlife conservation work, having completed numerous surveys on population, distribution and habitats of endangered animals and plants. During my career as a ranger, I have been named as the Best Officer in Environment and Tourism and have also received Certificates of Honor issued by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Government of Mongolia.