Candace Hateley

Candace is a lifelong motorcyclist. With the help of family and friends, she has experienced riding in diverse settings and disciplines. A three time women’s division endure champion, she collected trophies from racing events like the original Bar stow to Vegas Hare and Hound, Widow maker Hill climb, Women’s Motocross Nationals and many more.  The few years she worked as an artist and photographer for a motorcycle magazine expanded her motorcycling world and introduced her to the wonderful people who are part of it.

Candace has been checking boxes on a lifelong motorcycling to-do list and as she nears her 50th year of riding, her list includes Rally for Rangers. Like all of the to-do list items, it will bring people and motorcycles together, but in a way that will accomplish something special.

Candace is a vegan, a technology trainer, and the wife of a motorcycle hero, with two sons and a new grandson waiting to grow into his PW50. She plans to be a centenarian like her grandmother so she can keep checking off those motorcycling to-do list boxes.  Still unchecked boxes are: ride her Triumph to Alaska, visit Isle of Man during the TT and more.