David Braun - 2022

Since discovering motorcycles as a teenager, David prefers to be called "Flash" by motorcycle folks. (Yes, there is a tale there.) During the Nixon administration, he spent seven months riding a 1971 BMW R75/5 46,000 miles through 40 of the United States and three Canadian provinces, camping with his girlfriend who rode pillion. In 1983, he and his new bride riding pillion rode from Nashville to Toronto on a 1982 BMW R80G/S to fly to Manchester, England for their honeymoon. Three months later they returned to Toronto from Frankfurt having visited much of Europe including the Isle of Man for the 1983 TT races.  

With an advanced degree in electrical engineering, Flash has also worked professionally as a motorcycle mechanic and has repaired various brands and models of motorcycles. He has completely restored two sidecar outfits for personal use, a 1960 BMW R26 with a Globe GS200 sidecar and a BMW /2 "Conversion" with an R100/7 motor and Ural sidecar.  

Employed by a technology company, in 1999 he moved with his family Grenoble, France. During his time in France, Flash occasionally arose early enough to take the long way to work with a ride through the French, Swiss or Italian Alps. While in France, work trips included multiple visits several Asian countries. After realizing that talking about motorcycles with work colleagues could lead to riding opportunities, he was invited on rides in Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.  

In addition to having ridden in forty-nine of the United States, he has ridden on six continents including places with challenging roads such as Lesotho, Mongolia, Senegal and Vietnam. As of late 2021 he has visited 71 countries, 47 aboard motorcycles. Flash has successfully completed several Saddlesore 1000 rides (more than one thousand miles in a day) on-road in the USA, as well as one Iron Butt Association sanctioned "Dusty Butt" ride over one thousand miles off-road in a single day in South Africa. With nearly fifty years of experience, dual-sport adventure-riding is second nature for Flash. While certainly no linguist, Flash speaks nearly enough French and Spanish to get by, a bit of German and can order beer or locate a toilet in several other languages.