Domenic DeVincenzi - 2022

Starting with an old Honda XR100 on a Northern California ranch, Domenic’s thirst for adventure, freedom, and speed was born. An XR250 soon followed, and the all-important motorcycle license came shortly thereafter. From the humble XR’s, to a Harley Davidson, a couple of those orange bikes, and way too many KLR’s, Domenic has ridden 10’s of thousands of miles on various motorcycles while exploring and working to improve at every turn.

Always having had a passion for helping others and making a positive impact, Domenic eventually became a Firefighter EMT, and most recently landed at a medical drone delivery company called Zipline. Domenic would eventually spend time in Rwanda and Ghana to support the expansion of life-saving operations in those regions, and would embark on some East African mini adventures on small TVS motorcycles that wholeheartedly embodied the phrase “safety third”.

So, what do you get when you combine a passion for travel, motorcycles, and affecting positive change? The Rally for Rangers! Domenic was ecstatic when he first heard about the Rally while on the Death Valley 350 last year, and instantly knew it was something that he had to be a part of. National parks and public lands, and those that support and protect them are so vitally important, and the opportunity to assist in that mission is an honor. This is Domenic’s first Rally for Rangers.