Douglas Shaw

Douglas is a Californian who has spent most of his time in San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Yosemite National Park as management in the hotel and restaurant industry.Eighteen years ago he bought a run down scouts camp near Yosemite National Park and built it into the Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort with cabins in a variety of accommodations, a restaurant, a health spa and groups facilities. It has been successful in this region as an independent business. He also built & ran a tour business from San Francisco to Yosemite for many years.
Additionally he serves on the regional Visitors Bureau Board and is involved in many community activities including music, horticulture, theater and events. He has been an avid skier, backpacker, motorcyclist, bicyclist, diver and adventure traveller for most of his life. Asia, coincidentally, is his current continent to discover since he has travelled widely in Europe, North America, South America, and Australia/Oceania.