Hilary Davis

Hilary Davis lives in Oakland CA. She has been fascinated with motorcycles as long as she can remember. Her first crush was the rider of the first bike she remember seeing. She was raised in the rural South East and has always treasured the pristine areas of the great outdoors, nature, wilderness and wildlife. Hilary has also had wander lust since her first steps. She would go just about anywhere for the sake of a new adventure. June 2009 her close friend offered her his 1966 BMW R69S, now she has a BIKE! This bike and the forever friends Hilary has made because of it has been life changing. She has now several bikes for a variety of riding environments. She loves them all and could not pick a favorite. When her friend Anton told her of this great motorcycle adventure and the incredible cause that it was for she wanted to be a part of it. Hilary wanted to go to Mongolia and deliver a bike to a ranger! A dream come true. Many of Hilary’s favorite things, beautiful pristine great outdoors, motorcycles, amazing people with huge hearts, a lust for adventure, and a tad crazy combined to save some of the great treasures Mother Earth has graced us with. Life doesn’t get better than this!