Jessie Jobst - 2022

Jessie Jobst has been around motorcycles from a young age but didn't get over the fear of riding until she got her first bike at 26; a 1976 Honda CB 125 to ride around London with. Falling in love with the sport and discovering heroines such as world riders: Anne-France Dautheville and Elspeth Beard, she decided she would also like to see the world by motorcycle.
So back in 2019 she packed up her life in NYC and set off on a trip around the world! Unfortunately this was cut short due to covid but she managed to ride over 15,000 miles and crossed 13 international borders landing her in Chile before shipping her moto back to NYC. To make up for the shortened trip she spent the rest of the pandemic riding extensively throughout the USA + Baja Mexico with her husband.
Jessie is from a design background, graduating from London College of Fashion with 1st Class Honours Batchelor of Arts degree in womenswear; her graduate collection was bought by boutiques in Japan and dressed celebrities such as Lady Gaga. After having a 360 degree experience in the fashion industry; from design and art direction in London to producing in New York City; she launched Meridian Child Motorcycle Club.
She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, producing fashion photo shoots and living by the MCMC philosophy; that riding is a form of meditation, and using the motorcycle as form of respite for city living.
Jessie see’s the motorcycle not only as a way in which you can transform yourself but also as a key to exploring the unseen corners of the world. As Theresa Wallach says: “Motorcycling is a tool with which you can accomplish something meaningful in your life. It is an art."