Joshua Watkins

His love for the outdoors and National Parks started at a very young age.  A large part of his childhood was spent with his Grandparents at their vacation home 5 minutes from the entrance to Zion National Park in Utah. As a young kid, it was truly a magical place to explore. As an adult, he still finds himself hiking, biking, running and canyoneering in the many nooks and crannies that have rarely been seen inside the park by many people. He has a great understanding and appreciation for the rare and “finite” resources these precious places are.

Joshua, like many others, was forbidden to ride or own a motorcycle when growing up. As a result, his motorcycle education (or addiction) was obtained at a young age riding his friends’ motorcycles with flip-flop shoes and of course no helmet or other protective gear. He didn’t purchase his first motorcycle until long after he was married (and have since obtained the proper safety gear). He has however acquired a decent size fleet of bikes for himself and kids ever since.

When he heard Tom’s interview on “Adventure Rider Radio Podcast” with Jim Martin, he knew that this was the perfect way to blend two of my greatest passions (the wild outdoors and motorcycles) into a charitable and important cause.  He says “I am really looking forward to being able to be part of a great mission that I believe will benefit the present and future generations to come”