Kent De Groot

Having lived in seven countries and traveled extensively on almost every continent, continued learning through exploring the cultures of the world and it’s places of natural beauty has been the driving force behind Kent’s life decisions. Being a rock climber, mountaineer, and avid back country traveler, he’s seen first hand the fragility of nature and understands the immediacy of the need to protect it. Coupling his desire to make a difference in the conservancy of protected areas with his almost three decade love for riding motorcycles made applying to be one of the riders for the 2015 Rally for Rangers an easy choice.
Kent currently lives in San Francisco where after twenty years in international business, he now helps direct a non-profit bringing Asia and the US together through extended projects in the field and educational forums in the US. When not at work or out in nature, he pursues his other passion of the written word and among other projects, is currently working on a novel.
He is overjoyed to have been selected to be one of the riders for the 2015 Rally and is looking forward to working with the teams here in California and around the world, to bring global awareness to the natural beauty of Mongolia and helping equip the rangers of the vast park lands of the Taiga in their ongoing efforts to protect these areas for generations to come.