Kodie Goodwin - 2022

Kodie was born in New York but was raised splitting his time between a small town in Oregon and a suburb of Sacramento, California. He grew up playing team sports like Baseball and Basketball and picked up Lacrosse in high school and college. Between seasons he spent a considerable amount of time outdoors perusing hobbies like camping, paintballing, snowboarding, and wakeboarding.  

Kodie lives in the East Bay area of California where he manages software engineering teams for a startup in San Francisco. He was first introduced to dirt bikes from a coworker who quickly became a close friend. Kodie cut his teeth riding dirt bikes in the sand dunes of Glamis and single track dirt in California.  

For Kodie, street motorcycles was always a non-starter due to some serious accidents in the family. However, after living in San Francisco for a while, Kodie decided to purchase an SV650 VStrom to simplify commuting. Almost immediately, he realized how freeing it was to take longer trips on two wheels escaping the rat race of the Bay Area.  

Kodie was introduced to Rally for Rangers from friends who had been on previous rallies to Mongolia and Nepal. It sounded like a dream experience and Kodie jumped on the opportunity coming out of the pandemic.