Larry Krupa

Larry is a retired businessman, father to three sons, three grandsons and a granddaughter, all of which he is extremely proud. He lives in Atlanta Georgia with his wife of 42 years, Julie, a successful research scientist. After retiring, Larry was able to pursue his passion for adventure motorcycle travel. Two days after his last day at work, he left on a cross country moto trip that was 85% off pavement, including gravel or dirt roads, dirt trails, mountains and deserts. Other trips have included travel from Atlanta to Mexico and Canada, as well as a trip to ride in Australia.

Larry has always needed activities or challenging hobbies in which he could get deeply immersed. Sometimes the challenges have been physical in nature such as adventure motorcycling, endurance mountain biking, marathons, triathlons, backpacking and mountain climbing. Some challenges are more mentally stimulating such as photography, drone photography and video, fly fishing and reading. Currently enjoying a photography business he began after retiring, Larry spends his free time motorcycling and continually trying to improve his photography and drone skills. With a geographically dispersed family, he spends lot of his travel time visiting his sons and their families.