Lior Lifshitz

Lior is a proud father of three daughters and was born in Israel in a city near Tel Aviv. Lior went on the regular track of an Israeli boy including school and scouts and join the Israeli IDF and served as an officer. Lior has an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with deep management and investment experience in various companies and fields. Few milestones in his career were: Executive Chairman at SAIPS, acquired by Ford Motor Company,Executive Chairman at Secure Dimensions acquired by Microsoft,Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Jerusalem Capital VC, Founder and CEO of ProSeed VC .
Beside his work career Lior has and adventures spirit and he volunteers in the Israeli Police as a Road Motorcyclist in a special unit and serves as a member of an International Search and Rescue Team (Rescue One) and was in one of the first teams which arrived to Nepal after the last earthquake and helped rescue local and foreign people from the mountains.
Lior also does long solo motorcycle trips around the world and his last one was on 2018, around the black sea (12,000 km in two months).