Lyndsey Deaton

Starstruck by dirt bikers jumping on a nearby course while on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon, Lyndsey knew from an early age that motorcycles were in her future. At 14, and much to the surprise of her parents, she negotiated with passion at a swap meet and brought home a 1970 Yamaha YZ250 without ever having been on a bike before. It proved to be too much of a “starter” bike, but she persisted. She traded it for a Kawasaki KX125 that would open the gateway of two-wheeled adventures for many years to come.

Fast forward to 2017 and Lyndsey was living in India – the 80th country that she has explored – riding a Royal Enfield Classic on weekend trips and a Honda Activa through the hectic daily traffic of downtown Hyderabad. An architect by day, she worked with underrepresented groups such as children and women on sustainable housing in her “other job” as a researcher. Lyndsey has collaborated with communities in the US, the Philippines, Uganda, Japan, Chile, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Today, she is back in Eugene, Oregon finishing up her doctoral studies and riding her dual sport BMW GS650 on interstate trips as well as logging trails. She usually has a few side projects in the works that marry her professional and personal passions such as founding a tequila distillery (Casaquila), building an affordable tiny house (the ReachOUT House), and launching a design and construction firm specializing in technically and culturally complex projects (the International Development Collaborative).

After so much work “in the field” she knows firsthand the critical importance of preserving our environment by empowering local people. Lyndsey is honored to serve Rally for Rangers as a rider and to meet the rangers who are doing the truly demanding work of protecting our natural resources.