Mike Cox

Mike was born and raised in the rugged and isolated town of Atikokan in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. An area that has more dirt-roads than paved and more fresh-water than land.  As the youngest five, his sister and brothers blazed countless trails through the jungle of life ahead of him.  The one path where all four brothers converged was with a common passion for dirt biking.  Mike cannot recall a time where dirt bikes were not a part of his life and now, fourty-some years later, the Cox brothers still bond through riding despite living in different parts of the country.  Dirt-bikes cultivated a strong mechanical aptitude and the understanding of various complex systems which led to careers as both a marine mechanic and an IT specialist and website developer.  Now living in Ottawa, Ontario, Mike spends his time between his family, his passion for dirt-bikes and music, and his work life.
“Dirt biking is one of my lifelong passions and it is an activity that stimulates the ongoing expansion of a uniquely evolving skill set.  For example it forces a minimum level of physical fitness upon you.  Riding is not much fun without physical endurance.  Riding quiets the mind like a meditation. The past and future are suspended in favor of the immediate moment.”