Peter Emerson

Pete has been riding motorcycles since he was a teenager. From minibikes to Harleys to dual-sports he is always looking for a new adventure.  He works as a Physical Therapist in his own private practice helping people with neck and back pain and always wants to expand the scope of helping others. Rally for Rangers provides him with this once in a lifetime experience combining a passion and a challenge with a true purpose.
Pete Has 2 children, Gigi and Jack. Gigi just got her motorcycle endorsement and hopes to go on these trips in the future. Jack is currently finishing his 1st year at Colorado State University. He wouldn’t be able to do this trip if he didn’t have the total support of his girlfriend Kelly. She is also and adventure rider and hopes to go on a future Rally with Pete.
Along with his private practice Pete owns a private Gym and practices Martial Arts on a regular basis. Having the Colorado Foothills in his back yard provides the perfect training ground to get ready for the challenge of this ride.
Pete considers this ride as “A Challenge with a Purpose” Being able to provide these Rangers with the much-needed means to patrol the vast lands of Mongolia is the least he could do to help preserve the environment for the next generation.