Peter Nissen

Peter Nissen arrived in the U.S. at age 11 from Denmark, and quickly developed a love for the outdoors, surrounded by the scenic landscapes of the San Francisco Bay Area, with skiing, mountain biking, mountaineering and back packing becoming lifelong passions.
Peter bought his first bike, a Honda CB175, at auction at age 17, and quickly graduated to a Moto Guzzi Ambassador “milk crate project”, where (repeatedly) wrenching that bike back together gave him his love for all things mechanical and especially for Moto Guzzi — to the point of insisting on displaying one in the front hallway of his house!
Peter is occasionally forced to take a break from his outdoor activities to run his Structural Engineering firm, but tries to sneak out to play whenever his three boys, wife, and household chores decide he’s allowed.
Introduced to Rally for Rangers by his friend and fellow rider Matt almost a year ago, the combination of worthy cause and adventure proved irresistible, and Peter is now firmly committed,and looking forward to the trip of a lifetime.