Pradeep Kundur

Pradeep aspires to be close to nature and spend time outdoors. Motorcycling is one of his favorite activities. Getting together with friends, cooking food and camping, riding long stretches on the bike keeps him at the moment. The only other activity which consumes a lot of his time is watching motorcycling movies, clips and reviews. He likes to read inspirational books and listen to Moto podcasts.

Outside motorcycling, he enjoys quiet time by involving himself in Meditation and Pranayama. Hiking with his dog “Fudo” and his wife is also his favorite pastime.

As for food, he enjoys various cuisines – both cooking and savoring. He is a pescatarian.

His best ride to date has been the Himalayan Adventure and has a lot of plans to do Backcountry discovery rides this year. Pradeep has been riding motorcycles for the past 30 years, but most of his youth was riding on 100cc bikes, and one day took the steep jump to a Harley nightster. After a couple of Harley bikes, he  bought a Moto Guzzi for long-distance touring and Yamaha T7 for offroads. His recent foray has been into dirt trails on his  Kawasaki KLX300.

As part of his initiative to give something back to Nature, he got associated with Rally for Rangers.

His day job is managing computer applications, so he is up for anything that takes him away from his desk.