Sebastiaan de With - 2022

Sebastiaan is a Dutch guy with a penchant for getting lost. From an early age he enjoyed nature and wandering off, which he did with great regularity in the Dutch countryside until he reluctantly learned to ride a bicycle. Maintaining both a wandering lifestyle and mind, he proceeded to somewhat bumble through his early life by attending art school and working as a freelance artist starting at age 16. An avid designer and artist, he taught himself digital design from an early age and worked for clients like HP, Mozilla, Sony and Apple by age 18. He moved on a whim to San Francisco in 2011, pursuing a self-taught passion for design, to head up design at a small music startup, managing a small team and designing everything from branding, websites, and user interfaces. San Francisco enthralled him with far more than work, though: he found the proximity to nature and the sheer beauty of the environment truly inspiring.  

In California, he fell in love with photography and motorcycles, the latter enabling his favorite past-time: wandering. He joined his best friend Stuart Philkill on a motorcycle trip from San Francisco to the Arctic Ocean after having learned to ride for only a year, photographing the journey from his Ducati. After that, he could not stop himself from continued explorations of the far reaches of the planet, riding through the US, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and more. When Sebastiaan is not riding, he’s shooting photos on big cameras for motorcycle brands and other assignments, or taking them on his iPhone for Lux Optics, the iPhone photography company he co-founded in 2017. His hobbies involve spending as much time as possible in nature, through hiking or camping, traveling, cooking, and reading. This was Sebastiaan’s first Rally for Rangers.