Sodbileg Byambajav

I started hunting since I was 11 years old. I learnt from the best hunters in town. Years ago, a tragedy happened in Renchinlhumbe soum. A bear broke into a home and killed 3 family members. I got together with some members of the community and chased the bear. Prior to 1990, people hunted for their living. Since the transition to market economy, people started hunting for greed.
Nature has granted me with many blessings. It hurt my feelings to see people taking the nature for granted. I needed to take action. I formed a movement to fight against mining licenses and was able to chase them out of my people’s land. I’ve been working as a ranger for 19 years. Compare to 1990, the population of wildlife in my area have increased by 5 times. I patrol 38,500 hectares [95 thousand acres] of the protected area.