Stuart Cordell

Stuart Cordell lives in Dannevirke a small town in rural New Zealand. As a dairy farmer he learnt to ride a farm bike at an early age, and progressed to riding off road bikes soon after, and while the body doesn’t bounce back quite so fast anymore, the heart is still more than willing. Stuart has ridden many adventure and trail rides in New Zealand and overseas. The bike he loves to have fun on at the moment is a KTM300.
Farming today has a high emphasis on environmental sustainability. Clean water management and erosion control are a high priority for farmers as they maintain a clean green environment for future generations.
Stuart and his wife Sandra have travelled to Mongolia previously and loved the scenery and the friendly hospitable people.
Stuart has owned many Yamaha AG200’s as farm bikes as they are reliable, dependable and with some simple maintenance they just keep on running, so are the ideal choice to assist rangers in their work.
It is a pleasure and an honour to have the opportunity to participate in the 2015 Blue Wave Rallyand help preserve such a beautiful country.