T.J. Tucciarone

T. J. Tucciarone grew up on the east coast of the United States but made his way to California, via his first big cross country motorcycle adventure, soon after college. The beauty of the pacific coast, wonder of its redwood forests and majesty of the Sierra Nevada mountain range have held him in their spell ever since.
After honing his skills on the back roads of California, T. J. went on to enjoy success road racing at various tracks across the U.S.A He has also traveled via motorbike throughout Baja Mexico, Canada and the mountains of Europe.
These days T. J.’s favorite pursuits revolve around the outdoors and include cycling, mountaineering and backpacking. He has a deep love and respect for nature and dedication to its conservation and, along with some of his dearest friends, is a fiercely devoted steward working hard to pass along the joy and wonder of nature to the next generation. T. J.’s wife and two daughters share his love for the natural world.
When he first learned about the Mongol Ecology Center and its efforts to help protect Mongolia’s natural treasures, T. J. was immediately enthralled. Mongolia has a great opportunity to preserve its precious resources now, before it is too late. Raising awareness and taking tangible steps to preserve our planet has never been more crucial.
As much as he is looking forward to experiencing Mongolia’s natural beauty, he is even more excited to meet and get to know its people and learn about their culture firsthand.