Tumursukh Jal

I’ve been working in conservation for more than 27 years. I was born and raised in Darkhad Valley at foothills of Horidal Saridag Mountains. When I turned 7, my father started taking him to the wilderness and we explored this infinite Taiga together. I have 10 siblings and very early in life, I learnt how to be independent and hardworking.
In 1987, after graduating college, I was under a review at the Ministry – waiting to be accepted for my new position with the government. The process took longer than I expected. The city life was overwhelming. I missed home; I missed my Taiga. One night, I heard a horse neigh and woke up next morning to find out that I was appointed to protect Lake Hovsgol. 27 years have passed and I am proud to be where I belong and doing what I love. Throughout these years, I covered 880,000km [547,000 miles] by car, 168,000km [104,400 miles] on a horseback, 32,000km [20,000 miles] on foot, 5,600km [3,500 miles] on my skates, 750km [470 miles] on a reindeer and to spend 5,400 days in wilderness patrolling the parks.