Wes Paz

Raised in the rural Cascade Mountains near Walterville, Oregon, Wes grew up “in the wild.” He is the eldest son of an architect and an educator who moved their small family to a wilderness mountaintop to build their own home from lumber salvaged from a demolished saw mill. There was no running water in the home initially so bathing, regardless of the season, was done outdoors in runoff from a spring located on the property. Years later as a young teen, Wes acquired a dirt bike, essential transportation for gathering with friends. They spent countless hours riding together, exploring the many miles of logging roads connecting the local mountains.
Since those days in rural Oregon, Wes has enjoyed a life of discovery. A few notable adventures include climbing the highest peak in the Alps and bicycling across Europe. Early in his professional life, Wes worked as a photojournalist for nearly two decades covering some of the major news events of the late 1970s through 1990s. He later served as a managing partner in several technology and e-commerce startups. Wes joined Nordstrom.com in 2010 where he continues to serve as Director of Image Production.
Through the years, Wes has enjoyed serving as a youth mentor, volunteer, and advisor to a variety of non-profit and church groups.
Wes still cherishes the memories of his dirt bike-riding days in rural Oregon, and is eager to combine his affinity for adventure and the environment with the opportunity to serve the people of Mongolia and the larger community of those passionate to preserve our natural resources globally.