Wesley is a founding member of the Rally for Rangers. Since its inception, as an avid motorcyclist, Wesley spearheaded the Rally for Rangers, raised awareness internationally about the National Parks of Mongolia, and rode in all rallies.

Wesley is the founder of Trend Digital, www.trend-digital.com, which specializes in post-production imaging services for e-commerce clothing and fashion retailers. Wesley is also a photographer, adventurer, and traveler and has documented the tribes of Omo Valley, Ethiopia, to the nomadic shamans of Mongolia. He currently lives in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Lance was born to be an adventurer. Early days in Minnesota with a pack of cousins on mini-bikes and fishing skiffs kindled a life-long love of the outdoors and passion for two-wheeled travel. Fishing led to climbing and after a stint in the Navy he became serious about alpinism. Climbing and skiing led to work as a guide in the US, Europe and Latin America. “I’ve been fortunate to spend time in so many wild places around the world. Preserving and protecting them for future generations is really important to me.” A 2004 trail ride down the Baja 1000 route cemented offroad enduro riding as his new passion.
“Some of my outdoorsy friends assumed that off-roading ran counter to conservation and stewardship of wild lands. My friend Kacey Smith, avid Baja rider and guidebook author calls herself a tree hugging dirt biker. That could be a tagline for Rally for Rangers!” Naturally, when Lance heard about the Rally for Rangers, he signed up immediately. Lance rode in the 2017 rally to Otgontenger and is excited to return to Mongolia in 2018. “Mongolia is one of those places that exists in our imaginations as the embodiment of wild and untamed. It’s worth saving.” Lance invites you to join this grass roots movement, where the simple gift of some little motorcycles pays such exponential dividends.

I graduated as a lawyer from the National University of Mongolia in 2015, but my passion has always been the mountains. I love to sing as I traverse the park. As a ranger, it is my excitement to see the increase in the population of wildlife.

I have been working as a ranger for 22 years at the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park (ATBNP) since it was established by the 43rd declaration of the State Great Hural (Parliament) in 1996. I patrol 74 thousand hectares (183 thousand acres) of the national park which covers Eki-Ashi, the headwaters and shorelines of the Eki-Asha river. I give the utmost significance in finding ways of promoting community participation in conservation of the glaciers and wildlife.

Growing up in Reno, NV, Bryon grew up taking full advantage of the outdoors. Hiking, camping, fly fishing, and mountain biking filled Bryon’s childhood and it wasn’t until he moved to Berkeley, CA for college that he got his first taste of motorcycles. While at the University of California Berkeley, Bryon helped to build the world’s first autonomous motorcycle, Ghostrider. Working on that project got him hooked on motorcycles for life. One bike led to 2, then 3 and is currently at 9, although most don’t currently work (but will soon). In 2013 he completed an Iron Butt ride around NV and still looks for any opportunity to take on a new challenge or adventure on a motorcycle.
When not spending time working on motorcycles and cars, Bryon has a real job working at a company building agricultural robots.
After watching “The Long Way Round” Bryon put Mongolia on the top of his bucket list of places to travel. It was a quick decision to join Rally for Rangers after finding out he could ride motorcycles and do something valuable for the national parks of Mongolia.

Raised in the rural Cascade Mountains near Walterville, Oregon, Wes grew up “in the wild.” He is the eldest son of an architect and an educator who moved their small family to a wilderness mountaintop to build their own home from lumber salvaged from a demolished saw mill. There was no running water in the home initially so bathing, regardless of the season, was done outdoors in runoff from a spring located on the property. Years later as a young teen, Wes acquired a dirt bike, essential transportation for gathering with friends. They spent countless hours riding together, exploring the many miles of logging roads connecting the local mountains.
Since those days in rural Oregon, Wes has enjoyed a life of discovery. A few notable adventures include climbing the highest peak in the Alps and bicycling across Europe. Early in his professional life, Wes worked as a photojournalist for nearly two decades covering some of the major news events of the late 1970s through 1990s. He later served as a managing partner in several technology and e-commerce startups. Wes joined Nordstrom.com in 2010 where he continues to serve as Director of Image Production.
Through the years, Wes has enjoyed serving as a youth mentor, volunteer, and advisor to a variety of non-profit and church groups.
Wes still cherishes the memories of his dirt bike-riding days in rural Oregon, and is eager to combine his affinity for adventure and the environment with the opportunity to serve the people of Mongolia and the larger community of those passionate to preserve our natural resources globally.

John loves the outdoor environment and has spent his life living and working in it.  Combining an exciting adventure with preserving the natural habitat flora and fauna whilst helping those who have the same ideal appeals to him.   He is looking forward to seeing the country and experiencing the people and places in a way that most do not have the opportunity to do.
John has been riding motorbikes and quads and horses and all manner of equipment since he was a boy.  He will probably not be at the front of the pack anymore due to the common sense that comes with age, but he doubts that he will be at the back.  John appreciates the opportunity to participate.  This is one of his local kangaroos who likes a biscuit and comes to see his family at home; he is about 6’ standing upright and 150lb with impressively big claws.  He has his respect.

Jeff was born in a small town in Northeast Ohio with a sense of adventure in his veins. Freestyle skiing, BMX bikes and team sports kept him active throughout high school. The passion for skiing won out and he moved to Boulder, CO for college. Playing and competing in the mountains on skis and mountain bikes instilled a strong passion for the outdoors. After moving to Arizona, he purchased a slightly used DR350 and began exploring backroads and trails of the surrounding desert. He was hooked. His bikes evolved, KTMs filled the garage and trail riding became his focus. Extensive volunteer work on the Tonto National Forest helped him develop a clear understanding of the importance of responsible recreation on public lands.
His work planning and producing experiential marketing events for the automotive industry has taken him on adventures around the world. The only thing that fascinates him as much as exploring a new place is the machine that will take him there. One piece that has been missing from his travels is a sense of giving back and making some part of the world a better place. The opportunity to fill that void by helping the Park Rangers of the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park could not be passed up. He is grateful to have been chosen to join the 2018 Rally for Rangers team.
Jeff currently lives in Kirtland, OH with his wife Margaret and their chocolate lab Chance. His hobbies include motorcycle enduro racing, rally co-driving, skiing, biking and hiking.

Mike Patak grew up in a small town in Upstate New York which produced tons of great memories with friends and family.  The love of motorsports came early with minibikes, Yamaha 80 and micro cart.  Mike also enjoyed the competitive days on the athletic fields and wrestling mat which led him to Slippery Rock State College and their wrestling team.  It was here that he met his wife Cary and over the years raised 2 children in Albany, NY – Erik and Laura.  Mike, Cary and children have a strong love and respect for the environment.  They enjoy backcountry skiing, rock climbing, hiking, cycling and canoeing. Living in the Albany, NY area they frequent the Adirondacks, Catskills, Vermont Green and  New Hampshire White Mountains. Mike established himself as a sales professional selling pharmaceuticals and medical device industry.  Currently, he owns an Orthopedic Distributorship in the Northeast US area.
The products he sells improves the quality of life of individuals who are impacted by broken bones, cancer, sports injury and arthritis. Recently, while riding his mountain bike he broke his collar bone and had it plated however it didn’t stop him getting reacquainted with motocross. Keeping people in motion is one of Mikes passions. He learned about Rally for Rangers through his brother in law and RfRF co-founder Tom Medema.  Mike is excited about being selected to participate in this endeavor to protect Mongolia’s natural resources along with supporting the rangers to do their honorable and worthy work.

Jessica, born and raised in America’s Midwest, moved countries a few of times before settling in Australia; but she know it’s only temporary.  Adventure, travel, epicurean meals, laughs, and adrenaline keep her going.  Having ridden for only 7 years, on and off, motorcycles have played an important role in her life of thrill seeking because she loves spending time outdoors and keeping a healthy amount of dirt under her nails.
First hearing about Rally for Rangers got Jessica excited and anxious.  Seeing a beautiful new country in the open air while giving back to the local community is what she found most valuable.  Jess is looking forward to meeting everyone and creating amazing new memories!