After serving in the army he decided to become a ranger and joined the Dariganga National Park administration in 2015. Patrols a territory of 78,000 hectares of 190,000 acres and he has been riding his motorbike for 10 years. Actively works with the marmot and Argali big horn sheep reintroduction programs.

Loves riding horse and singing. Lives with his wife, who teaches at the local kindergarten, and his son.

Facebook: Zuunaa Otgonbayr

Native to Dariganga Uuganbayar came back to his native county after spending time in the capital city as well as Turkey. Saw some changes in the land, mostly caused by people. Many beautiful places started filling with garbage and wildlife was pushed away from its historic habitat. This made him change his career path and since 2013 Uuganbayar is working as a ranger. Actively participated in the reintroduction of the marmot’s project. Patrols an area of 91,000 hectares or 225,000 acres.

Lives with his wife and two daughters. Has been riding motorcycles for the last 20 years.

Facebook: Bayra Uuganbayr Bayra

Started working at the park since the establishment of the Dariganga National park in 2005. Patrols 81,000 hectares or 200,000 acres of land. Has been instrumental in the reintroduction of marmots in the park, as well as lead work with the local community to increase the population of Argali big horn sheep from 3 to 32 over the last 15 years.

Has been riding motorcycles for the last 25 years.

Ulziibataatar loves horses. Grew up raising, taming, and racing them in local competitions. Lives with his wife and two daughters. His wife is a painter and held exhibitions of her artwork. Has been riding motorcycles for the last 25 years.

Facebook: Өлзийбаатар Эрхэм