I am a native Los Angeleno with deep family ties to Mexico. I attend school and worked in both countries and am also a citizen of both. I started riding motorbikes when I was 12 until I was 16, spending that time on motocross tracks, deserts and vacant lot shenanigans. I resumed riding again at 48 once my daughters were in college and have not stopped since. I try to take at least 2 lengthy motorcycle trips, domestic and international as well as 1 or 2 different types of motorcycle classes a year. I own my own business which gives me the freedom to pursue this passion. Our family consists of my wife, 3 daughters and 2 parrots. I owned and ridden many types of motorcycles, I enjoy eating all foods except coconut and experimenting with unknown cuisines . I believe a good martini after 5 is good for the soul. I enjoy wandering whenever possible. I am excited to be part of this journey, which came my way on a lark. I met Tom at a pre-pandemic Rawhyde event, after a bit of chit-chat he gave me his card. I decided to reach out to Tom after seeing that card sitting on my work bench for over 2 years now... and here we are. I’m really looking forward to being more than a tourist.

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. but don’t hold that against me, I learned an incredible appreciation for nature here. I’ve spent time living in and riding Motorcycles in Portland OR, Chico CA, Brooklyn NY, Atlanta GA and currently reside on the South Shore of Boston MA. I’m avid hiker, runner and camper and am so in love with our state and national parks here in the US. I fell in love with two wheels as early as I can remember, starting out with BMX bikes and taking advantage of motors whenever possible. I love riding, all kinds of riding, and do my best to get as many hours in the saddle as possible. I studied finance in college and have built a career in software sales in financial services, primarily working with startups that serve financial advisors with automated solutions. My amazing wife and 3 daughters encourage my motorcycle habit and great outdoor adventures, and I’m forever grateful for their support.

I’ve been riding for more than 15 years. In the last 5 years, I gave up my sport bike and fell in love with adventure riding. Since then, I’ve been able to explore the backcountry mountain roads of the Appalachian mountains of Virginia and West Virginia, the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and the sand dunes of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. In 2021, I completed the MidAtlantic Backcountry Discovery Route (MABDR). This year I’ll be riding the North East BDR before heading to Bhutan.

Wesley is a founding member of the Rally for Rangers. Since its inception, as an avid motorcyclist, Wesley spearheaded the Rally for Rangers, raised awareness internationally about the National Parks of Mongolia, and rode in all rallies.

Wesley is the founder of Trend Digital, www.trend-digital.com, which specializes in post-production imaging services for e-commerce clothing and fashion retailers. Wesley is also a photographer, adventurer, and traveler and has documented the tribes of Omo Valley, Ethiopia, to the nomadic shamans of Mongolia. He currently lives in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Jessie Jobst has been around motorcycles from a young age but didn't get over the fear of riding until she got her first bike at 26; a 1976 Honda CB 125 to ride around London with. Falling in love with the sport and discovering heroines such as world riders: Anne-France Dautheville and Elspeth Beard, she decided she would also like to see the world by motorcycle.
So back in 2019 she packed up her life in NYC and set off on a trip around the world! Unfortunately this was cut short due to covid but she managed to ride over 15,000 miles and crossed 13 international borders landing her in Chile before shipping her moto back to NYC. To make up for the shortened trip she spent the rest of the pandemic riding extensively throughout the USA + Baja Mexico with her husband.
Jessie is from a design background, graduating from London College of Fashion with 1st Class Honours Batchelor of Arts degree in womenswear; her graduate collection was bought by boutiques in Japan and dressed celebrities such as Lady Gaga. After having a 360 degree experience in the fashion industry; from design and art direction in London to producing in New York City; she launched Meridian Child Motorcycle Club.
She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, producing fashion photo shoots and living by the MCMC philosophy; that riding is a form of meditation, and using the motorcycle as form of respite for city living.
Jessie see’s the motorcycle not only as a way in which you can transform yourself but also as a key to exploring the unseen corners of the world. As Theresa Wallach says: “Motorcycling is a tool with which you can accomplish something meaningful in your life. It is an art."

Christine Truong has spent the last 20 years surfing and riding motorcycles all over the world, commuting to and from work on a bike and spending her weekends working on mastering her skills in the dirt. She has taken training classes for Supermoto, Adventure, Off-Road, and Enduro.

Retired, older guy who likes to travel on his 2015 BMW R1200GS. My first bike was a 1949 Harley which I got when I was 18-years old. I lived in Honolulu and enjoyed that life on a 1976 Honda 700. I lived and worked in Asia for 18-years. I rode to Alaska on my 2008 Honda Goldwing 1800. My last long ride was solo on the Trans-Labrador Highway.

Sebastiaan is a Dutch guy with a penchant for getting lost. From an early age he enjoyed nature and wandering off, which he did with great regularity in the Dutch countryside until he reluctantly learned to ride a bicycle. Maintaining both a wandering lifestyle and mind, he proceeded to somewhat bumble through his early life by attending art school and working as a freelance artist starting at age 16. An avid designer and artist, he taught himself digital design from an early age and worked for clients like HP, Mozilla, Sony and Apple by age 18. He moved on a whim to San Francisco in 2011, pursuing a self-taught passion for design, to head up design at a small music startup, managing a small team and designing everything from branding, websites, and user interfaces. San Francisco enthralled him with far more than work, though: he found the proximity to nature and the sheer beauty of the environment truly inspiring.  

In California, he fell in love with photography and motorcycles, the latter enabling his favorite past-time: wandering. He joined his best friend Stuart Philkill on a motorcycle trip from San Francisco to the Arctic Ocean after having learned to ride for only a year, photographing the journey from his Ducati. After that, he could not stop himself from continued explorations of the far reaches of the planet, riding through the US, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and more. When Sebastiaan is not riding, he’s shooting photos on big cameras for motorcycle brands and other assignments, or taking them on his iPhone for Lux Optics, the iPhone photography company he co-founded in 2017. His hobbies involve spending as much time as possible in nature, through hiking or camping, traveling, cooking, and reading. This was Sebastiaan’s first Rally for Rangers. 

Robert came late to motorcycling at age 26 and was surprised to fall head-over-heels in love with it while taking a beginning rider course. That's more than half his life ago now, and in the 29 years since, motorcycling has provided countless lifelong friendships, nine exhilarating years of motorcycle road racing (three class championships), and not least, his introduction to Linda Cicero, his fellow traveler and spouse. 

Race bikes aside, since starting out on a Honda CM400T, he has racked up the miles on a Honda Nighthawk 650, a Kawasaki Concours, a BMW F650GS Dakar, and most recently a Honda Africa Twin. He enjoys mainly sport touring and adventure touring, and is lucky to live in northern California where great riding abounds.

For years he maintained dual careers as a computer programmer and a performing jazz musician on piano, organ, and accordion. He is glad now to have set technology work aside and to be giving music the focus and attention it has always deserved. 

Rally for Rangers excites Robert because of its irresistible mix of travel complete with encountering locals off the beaten tourist path, the appeal of motorcycling as transport, and most of all the prospect of helping preserve precious land, heritage, and resources in dire need of stewardship. Highlights of his past motorcycle travel include a coast-to-coast journey across the US and back, Baja California, and several countries in southern Africa. 


Started riding motorcycles at age 12 on his parents ranch. Riding desert, TT, mountain fire roads as a kid. 

Gave up riding for 20 years while he and his wife Anna-Louise raised their 2 children, Started a Solar Energy Contracting Company in 1975 Retiring 2017. Son now runs the company. 

Reentered the riding community at age 49. For my 50th Birthday my wife and I took 2 months to ride to Alaska and back with some friends. MC trips include Newfoundland, 2nd trip to Alaska, 2 trips through the Baja, 3 trips across  Canada, 5 across the USA including Blues Tour Tennessee to New Orleans, Route 66 Chicago to Las Angeles, 8700 mile trip from Cusco, Peru to Ushuaia, Argentina at age 70. Rides KTM 450 Dirt and BMW R1200GSA street and dirt. 

Active in Kiwanis Club Atascadero and supports many charities for Homeless, Boys and Girls Club, Cancer Research, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's Disease and Local Food Bank. 

Just had 50th Wedding Anniversary.