Wesley is a founding member of the Rally for Rangers. Since its inception, as an avid motorcyclist, Wesley spearheaded the Rally for Rangers, raised awareness internationally about the National Parks of Mongolia, and rode in all rallies.

Wesley is the founder of Trend Digital, www.trend-digital.com, which specializes in post-production imaging services for e-commerce clothing and fashion retailers. Wesley is also a photographer, adventurer, and traveler and has documented the tribes of Omo Valley, Ethiopia, to the nomadic shamans of Mongolia. He currently lives in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

I am a private yacht captain with a passion for riding. I am super excited to help out the rangers while getting to do this trip of a lifetime!

Tom Medema developed a passion for national parks at a young age on family vacations throughout the American west. This passion turned into a career as a park ranger spanning nearly 30 years. Tom is equally passionate about national parks and public lands around the world and has worked with parks and monuments in South America and Europe as a subject matter expert in the field of interpretation and education. The opportunity to support the protection of natural and cultural heritage of parks and protected areas around the world is an opportunity he is excited and humbled to be a part of.
Tom is a sports and outdoor enthusiast, spending much of his free time enjoying two-wheeled travel by mountain bike, road bike, and motorbike. Over the past 20 years he has owned Harley-Davidson and BMW bikes and is currently riding an F800GS on the back roads and trails of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia in preparation for the next epic and compelling adventure protecting the worlds special places one motorcycle at a time.

Starstruck by dirt bikers jumping on a nearby course while on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon, Lyndsey knew from an early age that motorcycles were in her future. At 14, and much to the surprise of her parents, she negotiated with passion at a swap meet and brought home a 1970 Yamaha YZ250 without ever having been on a bike before. It proved to be too much of a “starter” bike, but she persisted. She traded it for a Kawasaki KX125 that would open the gateway of two-wheeled adventures for many years to come.

Fast forward to 2017 and Lyndsey was living in India – the 80th country that she has explored – riding a Royal Enfield Classic on weekend trips and a Honda Activa through the hectic daily traffic of downtown Hyderabad. An architect by day, she worked with underrepresented groups such as children and women on sustainable housing in her “other job” as a researcher. Lyndsey has collaborated with communities in the US, the Philippines, Uganda, Japan, Chile, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Today, she is back in Eugene, Oregon riding her dual sport BMW GS650. She usually has a few side projects in the works that marry her professional and personal passions such as founding a tequila distillery (Casaquila), building an affordable tiny house (the ReachOUT House), and launching a design firm specializing in technically and culturally complex projects (the International Development Collaborative). This is her second rally!

After so much work “in the field” she knows firsthand the critical importance of preserving our environment by empowering local people. Lyndsey is honored to serve Rally for Rangers as a rider and to meet the rangers who are doing the truly demanding work of protecting our natural resources.

Starting with an old Honda XR100 on a Northern California ranch, Domenic’s thirst for adventure, freedom, and speed was born. An XR250 soon followed, and the all-important motorcycle license came shortly thereafter. From the humble XR’s, to a Harley Davidson, a couple of those orange bikes, and way too many KLR’s, Domenic has ridden 10’s of thousands of miles on various motorcycles while exploring and working to improve at every turn.

Always having had a passion for helping others and making a positive impact, Domenic eventually became a Firefighter EMT, and most recently landed at a medical drone delivery company called Zipline. Domenic would eventually spend time in Rwanda and Ghana to support the expansion of life-saving operations in those regions, and would embark on some East African mini adventures on small TVS motorcycles that wholeheartedly embodied the phrase “safety third”.

So, what do you get when you combine a passion for travel, motorcycles, and affecting positive change? The Rally for Rangers! Domenic was ecstatic when he first heard about the Rally while on the Death Valley 350 last year, and instantly knew it was something that he had to be a part of. National parks and public lands, and those that support and protect them are so vitally important, and the opportunity to assist in that mission is an honor. This is Domenic’s first Rally for Rangers.

I am a longtime supporter of conservation efforts. I believe the future of our planet is a shared responsibility that we can’t take lightly. Visiting Peru in 2019, I was struck by the diverse beauty and rich cultural heritage of the land. But I was also struck by how fragile it is.

I am also a longtime lover of motorcycles and motorcycle adventures. I’ve been riding for decades. I’ve ridden through most of the United States and half of the Canadian provinces, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. On road or off, it’s the best way to see any country.

When I heard about Rally for Rangers and the work they do, I had to be part of it. What an amazing way to combine two passions into one philanthropic endeavor! I’m honored to have this opportunity to help rangers in Peru protect its precious lands.

Retired, older guy who likes to travel on his 2015 BMW R1200GS. My first bike was a 1949 Harley which I got when I was 18-years old. I lived in Honolulu and enjoyed that life on a 1976 Honda 700. I lived and worked in Asia for 18-years. I rode to Alaska on my 2008 Honda Goldwing 1800. My last long ride was solo on the Trans-Labrador Highway.

With more than 30 years of riding experience, I started riding at the age of 12 and went on to race motocross as a teenager.  As soon as I could get a driver's license, I bought a motorcycle and used it to commute while I was in college for several years and have owned a bike ever since.  I'm a Charter life member of the AMA and also a member of the Harley Owners Group and BMW MOA.  I've lost track of the number of miles I've ridden but its surely more than 100k.  I was formerly a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Ridercoach and taught many folks to ride over several years. About 5 years ago I bought my first BMW GS and have taken it on many on and off road trips.  This year I participated in the GS Trophy competition and I am an alum of RawHyde Adventures training.  I've done many long trips including rides from AZ to Sturgis and Milwaukee.

Off road I'm comfortable on most types of terrain, have completed sections of the AZ and NM BDR.  I currently own a 2004 Honda CRF230 since new - a bike very similar to those you'll be riding on the Peru trip.  Other bikes I've owned include: F700GS, HD Road King, Low Rider, Honda Shadow, Magna, Nighthawk, Ducati Multistrada.  Current bike is 2017 R1200GS that I've put 20k miles on in the last few years.  Very blessed that the pandemic has afforded me more riding time over the past 2 years and the fact that I've been able to visit 10 National Parks during that time.

Growing up in Trinidad with an older brother who worked on motorcycles, dirt bikes, go carts and anything else with an engine made Yogi comfortable around bikes from a very early age. She travelled on the back of a motorcycle for three years in her college days and finally gifted herself a classic Yamaha Maxim for her 30th birthday and had enjoyed her motorcycles since. Although new to off road biking, she has spent many hours on the road enjoying the freedom and maneuverability of two wheels.  

Yogi is an attorney in California and an avid alpine skier, hiker and horse rider. She lives with her husband and two kids in the East Bay.  


Upon hearing of Rally for Rangers via podcasts- I knew I was destined to join this adventure! The opportunity to participate in this great cause- AND ride a motorcycle was kismet! My motorcycle passion started with a ferocious Honda Spree Scooter- it was 50cc of pure rebellion. Evel Knievel was my childhood hero- and this was my gateway bike. I currently ride a 1961 BMW R50- and Suzuki DR650. I live in Lincoln NE- working in the wine business- I am also a host for The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride-and founder of the Cluricaun Irish Society. I am beyond honored to join the Rally for Rangers team in this journey of a lifetime. I look forward to being part of this brilliant mission to assist the park rangers of Peru.