Native to Halkhgol country, where Numrog National Park is located, Enkhtugs used to work at the governor’s office before joining park administration as a ranger in 2009. Loves cooking and known among his friends as a “chef from Hainan”. Lives with his wife and a son. His wife Erdenedelger works as a governor of the Tashgai village of Khalkh Gol soum. Patrols a territory of 109224.75 hectares or 269900.2 acres.

Enkhtugs loves to train racehorses and watch wrestling. He has been riding motorcycles for 25 years.

Facebook: Энхтөгс Үржинбадам

Native to Ulaanbaatar, fell in love with eastern Mongolian steppes while serving in the border troops for 10 years. Got married there and lives now with his wife and 4 daughters. Working as a ranger since 2009. Patrols a territory of  81897.20 hectares or 202372.3 acres. In many cases he has to go on patrol on horseback and interactions with wildlife are common. He remembers numerous encounters with wildlife, like a pack of wolves stocking him, or a mom bear with 2 cubs attacking while he was setting camp.

He loves to train racehorses. He has been riding motorcycles for 21 years.

“Places I work have tall grasses, very humid and boggy in summer and get deep snow in winter, so no bike or car is able to go through these areas. As a result, a lot of my patrolling is limited to horseback riding”.

Facebook: Pushaa Altangerel