Tom Medema developed a passion for national parks at a young age on family vacations throughout the American west. This passion turned into a career as a park ranger spanning nearly 30 years. Tom is equally passionate about national parks and public lands around the world and has worked with parks and monuments in South America and Europe as a subject matter expert in the field of interpretation and education. The opportunity to support the protection of natural and cultural heritage of parks and protected areas around the world is an opportunity he is excited and humbled to be a part of.
Tom is a sports and outdoor enthusiast, spending much of his free time enjoying two-wheeled travel by mountain bike, road bike, and motorbike. Over the past 20 years he has owned Harley-Davidson and BMW bikes and is currently riding an F800GS on the back roads and trails of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia in preparation for the next epic and compelling adventure protecting the worlds special places one motorcycle at a time.

Wesley is a founding member of the Rally for Rangers. Since its inception, as an avid motorcyclist, Wesley spearheaded the Rally for Rangers, raised awareness internationally about the National Parks of Mongolia, and rode in all rallies.

Wesley is the founder of Trend Digital,, which specializes in post-production imaging services for e-commerce clothing and fashion retailers. Wesley is also a photographer, adventurer, and traveler and has documented the tribes of Omo Valley, Ethiopia, to the nomadic shamans of Mongolia. He currently lives in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

I patrol 70,300 hectares (173,800 acres) of Tarvagatai Nuruu National Park. I have been a ranger here for 17 consecutive years since 2000. During my career as a ranger, I have been awarded Ministry of Environment’s Certificate of Honor and been named as the Best Environmental Officer.

Robert (Hamilton’s brother) is an artist who lives in Toronto, Canada. He has been involved with many charities over the years including volunteering in Port-au-Prince, Haiti with an organization called Artists for Peace and Justice, as part of an initiative building free public secondary schools for youth in the poorest neighborhood in North America. He has also raised extensive funds for stem cell research and local hospitals.
Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Robert has always had a love for riding and anything involving the great outdoors. Robert now rides a Yamaha R3 on the road in Toronto and plays on a KTM 250 up in the country in a place called Caledon. He has travelled to over 25 countries and his riding experiences range from the sand dunes of Namibia overlooking the border of Angola to the outback of Australia.
As a sculptor, Robert often finds inspiration for his work through developing diverse relationships and cultural experiences while traveling the world. He is very much looking forward to the journey, building new friendships, and equipping his Ranger with the means to protect the truly majestic environments of Patagonia.

Alexis grew up in a small town high in the Sierra Nevada of California. She and her sister had to literally walk uphill through the snow both ways to and from school, her sister barely heading their parent’s admonishment to “not lose your little sister in the deep snow.” Her first snowmobile at age 7 was an eye opener to the benefit of motorized transport in wild places. Growing up in the high mountains instilled in her a passion for wild places and as a teenager, her first dirt bike was a natural addition to her life of ski racing, backcountry skiing and climbing.
When Alexis heard the “Rally for Rangers” story, her imagination was captured by the idea of helping the Lake Hosgvol rangers move beyond bringing a proverbial ‘knife to the gunfight’ in their efforts. She looks forward to being part of the Rally team, forming new friendships with folks in Mongolia and enlisting the support of her friends and colleagues in the Lake Tahoe area where she makes her home.
Alexis will be fundraising for a brand new Yamaha AG200 and riding it across Mongolia to deliver to Ranger Miiraa Urt.

Jason grew up in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. He learned to ski at Whiteface in Lake Placid, NY. Hiking, mountain biking and camping in the Adirondacks  was a spring to fall must. He brought his enthusiasm for the outdoor wilderness to the Sierras of California. Whether he is out backcountry skiing in the high peaks or riding his dirtbike on the fire roads, single tracks or down to the Playa in the Black Rock he is enjoying it to the fullest!
He enjoys capturing Mother Nature’s Beauty with his photography. He wants to be involved with the rally for rangers because it would be great to give to the people that protect her beauty and sacred resources. As a bonus he will have the opportunity to see an experience Mongolia.

Hamilton grew up on the beautiful West Coast of Canada where he first rode a dirt bike and has since ridden in various countries including India, China, Indonesia and the Philippines. At an early age he developed a love of the outdoors and remote environments while skiing, sailing and hiking whenever possible.
For the past few years he has been involved in the development of renewable energy projects in Asia and is currently based in Hong Kong and Bali.
He is thrilled to have been chosen for the 2018 Rally for Rangers along with his little brother Robert and can’t wait to explore this incredibly beautiful country on two wheels. He is honored to have this opportunity to be able to help the dedicated Rangers in Patagonia to conserve and protect these important natural resources and raise awareness for this amazing cause!

An all-around two wheeled enthusiast, Michael is always looking for ways to combine his passion for motorcycles with his love for Mother Nature.  Based in Singapore and originally from Australia, he has spent time riding around the world from the sand dunes of the Middle East, to the jungles of Malaysia and track days in Australia.
Michael works in commercial real estate but is actively involved in the electric motorcycle sector with Alta Motors, hoping that one day we will be able to provide motorcycles that will also be able to reduce the noise and air pollution impacts in sensitive areas such as the National Parks of the world.
Fascinated with Genghis Khan, he looks forward to discovering this land of beautiful people, ancient culture and majestic scenery on his way to meeting his Park Ranger!

Lance was born to be an adventurer. Early days in Minnesota with a pack of cousins on mini-bikes and fishing skiffs kindled a life-long love of the outdoors and passion for two-wheeled travel. Fishing led to climbing and after a stint in the Navy he became serious about alpinism. Climbing and skiing led to work as a guide in the US, Europe and Latin America. “I’ve been fortunate to spend time in so many wild places around the world. Preserving and protecting them for future generations is really important to me.” A 2004 trail ride down the Baja 1000 route cemented offroad enduro riding as his new passion.
“Some of my outdoorsy friends assumed that off-roading ran counter to conservation and stewardship of wild lands. My friend Kacey Smith, avid Baja rider and guidebook author calls herself a tree hugging dirt biker. That could be a tagline for Rally for Rangers!” Naturally, when Lance heard about the Rally for Rangers, he signed up immediately. Lance rode in the 2017 rally to Otgontenger and is excited to return to Mongolia in 2018. “Mongolia is one of those places that exists in our imaginations as the embodiment of wild and untamed. It’s worth saving.” Lance invites you to join this grass roots movement, where the simple gift of some little motorcycles pays such exponential dividends.